Welcome to the Grillpavillon

For our foreign customers:

open before and
after the game/concert in "Volkspartstadion"
open before the Event in "Barclaycard Arena"

good and cheap food and drinks

to "Volksparkstadion" or "Barclaycard Arena"
6 minutes on foot
No credit cards accepted


  Holsten,  beer from Hamburg, can 0,5 l
beer from Germany,bottle 0,33 l

 beer from Hamburg, bottle 0,33 l

Coca Cola, Diat Coke
, Fanta, Sprite

mineral water, fresh coffee


spirits and liqueurs


pommes frites / french fries

  ketchup / mayonnaise

potato salad

  large sausage with curried sauce

small sausage with curried sauce

Krakauer (
ham sausage)

Bratwurst (
fried sausage)

Frikadelle (
croquette of minced meat)
 Frika-Brötchen mit Ketchup/Majo (croquette
 of minced meat in a bun with ketchup or mayonnaise

We are looking forward to see you!